World Athletes Elite Platinum Label 2021 C&D Xiamen International Marathon ended successfully

XIAMEN, China, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fall in love with the city as you run through it. At 7:00…

XIAMEN, China, April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Fall in love with the city as you run through it. At 7:00 a.m. on April 10, 2021, the starting gun signaled the start of the C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021 amidst the passionate anticipation of all. While Chasing the Light, the brand-new theme song of Xiamen Marathon, played, 12,000 contestants ran on the «most beautiful seaside racecourse,» and all cheered for this long-awaited marathon.

2021 C&D Xiamen International Marathon

Yang Dinghong and Jiao Anjing Won Championship

A total of 67 outstanding contestants attended this session of Xiamen Marathon, of whom 54 males finished the full race within 2:35:00 and 13 females within 2:50:00.

China’s Yang Dinghong led all the way and won the men’s title in 2 hours, 15 minutes and 25 seconds. Nianzhe Ati, a young runner of the Yi nationality, finished second in 2 hours, 17 minutes and 23 seconds, a personal best, Zhang Zhenlong finished third in 2 hours, 19 minutes and 44 seconds.

Among the female contestants, Jiao Anjing finished first in 2 hours, 35 minutes and 30 seconds. Chen Weifen and Niu Lihua finished second and third in 2 hours 36 minutes and 14 seconds, and 2 hours, 39 minutes and 48 seconds, respectively.

This is the fourth time Yang Dinghong has set foot on the track of Xiamen Marathon and he won the championship, following last year’s best result for Chinese racers in the past decade. In the interview after the game, he said Xiamen is his lucky land. «It is a great pleasure to be in Xiamen. This year’s supply is as good as that of last year. It’s great.» The «supply» refers to one-on-one services for the top 10 both in men’s and women’s categories in a bid to help athletes perform well.

Jiao Anjing, the women’s champion, is a senior at North China Electric Power University. She said in the post-race interview that the track is beautiful and the volunteers’ hospitality makes her feel warm-hearted. Chen Weifen, mother of two children and who is about to celebrate her 36th birthday, finished second in the women’s category, which is also her personal best. This is her first time to participate in the Xiamen Marathon. She complimented in an interview the friendly city Xiamen and the conscientious staff.

Warm Services at Xiamen Marathon

For years, Xiamen Marathon has highly emphasized «race experience,» It has thus prodded the Xiamen Marathon to focus more on «match service» exploration and innovation. According to historical scores, male contestants with a score within 2:35:00 and female contestants with a score of 2:50:00 were included in the list of outstanding athletes for this session of Xiamen Marathon, and the «Outstanding Contestant Gathering Zone» was arranged at the front of the starting zone where the athletes set off upon the first gunfire. Moreover, the Organizing Committee also provided customized supply services for each of the top 10 male and female contestants. It is noteworthy that the «Xiamen Marathon Way» applet was also launched for the first time in 2021. The latest information and map of the event were provided to the runners so that they could locate the supply points and medical points in real-time. The «C&D Xiamen Marathon 2021 Runner Service Alliance» was also established to provide all-around logistics assurance services. Discounts were also offered to runners who visited Xiamen’s six major scenic zones, including Kulangsu, the «World Cultural Heritage» site, via a special ticket sales counter on Kulangsu.

The classical services, including «Runners for Runners,» «Round-the-clock Services,» «Post-race Medal Hanging Services for Runners,» and «Post-race Recovery Services,» were continued. In total, 1,894 social volunteers from 33 runner groups (clubs) were dispatched to 17 supply points to offer services to the runners. 2,025 university volunteers also engaged in supply handling, order maintenance, field guidance, and referee assistance services at the starting point and the ending point. 360 stretchers and 836 volunteers were also arranged at the post-match service zone to offer the contestants’ recovery services.

As it was the first time for Xiamen Marathon to be held in April, various measures as follows were taken to provide protection from the heat and prevent sunstroke during and after the qualification match: pre-race medical checkups were organized, the need to take protective measures to guard against the heat and prevent sunstroke were publicized, the contestants were reminded to prepare for high temperatures during the race and training for volunteers on first-aid, and sunstroke prevention services were organized; 8 sprinkling points and 4 mist cannon trucks along the racecourse were provided on the race day; equipment and supplies and services were added to reduce the temperature of contestants after the match.

Pandemic Prevention and Control

As the first domestic platinum event recovered and launched after the relieved pandemic in 2021, pandemic prevention and control remained the top priority of Xiamen Marathon from the first month of the official announcement until the smooth production of the event.

All staff and volunteers in close contact with runners passed a nucleic acid test before the match. All contestants were notified to take proper measures against the pandemic via SMS and other means. The green health code, 14-day travel routing card, and nucleic test report were required to be checked upon material pickup. The runners who picked up a number bib were also given a bracelet for pre-match security check convenience. A one-meter marking line was also drawn on the course entrance to guide the contestants to stand with social distance, and disinfection work was conducted properly. Moreover, disposable face masks were also included in the contestant package and post-match supplies for all runners to ensure their safety and prevent and control the spreading of disease during the race.

In total, 220 medical staff and 30 AED riding medical teams were also assigned to 14 medical points along the course, and 15 ambulances were deployed as part of the match’s medical assurance system. In total, 400 medical volunteers and 92 first-aid runners were recruited to offer all-around assurance services and ensure the safety of all contestants during the race.

Innovative Multi-language Live Broadcast

Innovations have been common for the live broadcast of the Xiamen Marathon since its inception. Besides the classical aerial studio and VR live broadcast technologies, China’s first high-definition 4K pure-electric mobile marathon broadcast vehicle was also adopted for the event. Such new technologies as DTMB (digital terrestrial multimedia broadcast), 5G transmission, and other technologies were also combined with 3D video production to satisfy the needs of TV users and mobile terminal users and offer the scenes of the marathon to the spectators in 3D. It has become another highlight of the live broadcast this year.

The live broadcast contents this year were highly diversified, and the event was broadcast live and recorded. Other than the live broadcast on CCTV5 and XMTV2 in mandarin, it was also broadcast in a recorded way in multiple languages via Fox Sports, Astro, and other overseas channels. The live broadcast in Minnan dialect was added on Xiamen Satellite TV this year when celebrities of Minnan (South Fujian) culture were invited to the studio to introduce the stories of the Xiamen Marathon in the local dialect and convey the Minnan spirit of «victory through diligence.»

Running in Celebration of Xiamen University’s 100th Anniversary

This year marks the 100th anniversary of Xiamen University which is honored as the Power of Education in South China. The runners and volunteers of Xiamen University have always been an important force in the 18-year history of the Xiamen Marathon. Xiamen University, known for being the Nation’s «most beautiful university campus,» has also become a favorite scene for runners to behold on the Xiamen Marathon course.

The year 2021 marks the 100th anniversary of Xiamen University, and Xiamen University joined hands with runners of the Xiamen Marathon in celebration. At 7:25 a.m., the Xiamen University 100th Anniversary Race of the Xiamen Marathon started with the sounding of the 4th gun. This is the first time for the Xiamen Marathon course to include the campus of Xiamen University. In total, 3,000 contestants set out from Xiamen International Conference and Exhibition Center, passed Daxue Road, entered Xiamen University via the southern front gate, ran around the Furong Building Cluster, and finally reached Jiageng Square in a total length of 13.8km. In the end, 54 awards were given to the top 6 male and female contestants in the youth group and the middle-aged group, and the top 15 male and female contestants in the public-good group. These winners were also awarded a certificate, trophy, medal, and prize from Xiamen University.

Loving Care: the Essence of Xiamen Marathon

The Xiamen Marathon Public Good Foundation, the first public good foundation independently set up by the organizing committee of a marathon event in China, was established during this session of the Xiamen Marathon. The unveiling ceremony of the Foundation was attended by Ruan Dunliang (Director-general of the Xiamen Sports Administration), Yu Shengjian (Vice Director-general of the Civility Office of the CPC Xiamen Municipal Committee and Vice Executive Director of the Xiamen Loving Care Office), Li Lihong (Vice Director-general of the Xiamen Civil Affairs Bureau) and Lin Chunguang (Director-general of the Xiamen Marathon Public Good Foundation).

In recent years, the Xiamen Marathon has been dedicated to the public good by cooperating with Xiamen Red Cross Society, Fujian Undertaker Action Educational Foundation, the China Greening Foundation, the UN Environment Programme, the China Population Welfare Foundation, and other public institutions and foundations to jointly develop the tricolor (Red, Green, and Blue) public-good system of Xiamen Marathon. In 2020, it successively implemented the «Xiamen Marathon Loving Book Corner,» «Attention to Alzheimer Disease: Light up Your Memory» serial events, the Alashan Plantation Event under the «Xiamen Marathon C&D Green Run Action,» the «One Hour For the Blue» online running and Beach Cleaning Event under the «You are Right Here: Protect the Blue Planet with Xiamen Marathon.» On the day of the match, it jointly advocated «green transport» with the Civility Office of Xiamen and Xiamen Economic and Transportation Radio.

The Xiamen Marathon Public-good Foundation’s founding is expected to further deepen the tricolor public-good system of the Xiamen Marathon and promote the development of the Xiamen Marathon’s public-good causes and contribute to the development of «Loving Xiamen.»

Xiamen Marathon: A Never-ending Event for All Citizens

The Marathon is a race for all and a festival for the city. In the past 19 years, the Xiamen Marathon has influenced Xiamen and encouraged its citizens to engage in «National Fitness» and participate in the sport of marathon running. Since June 2020, «Xiamen Marathon Online» serial matches, Xiamen Marathon Serial Match OK RUN, and other events have been developed successively to create an atmosphere of «Xiamen Marathon: A Never-ending Event for All Citizens.»

The venue of the Xiamen Marathon witnessed a festival for all citizens today. Other than the «debut» of the Platinum-labeled Xiamen Marathon, a series of accessory events, including the Cheerston Parent-child Run, the Xiamen Marathon C&D Green Run Action, The «Red Boat Cup» Xiamen Sailboat Match, and the «CCD Cup» Photography Contest. Moreover, 60+ cheer points were arranged along the course with highly dynamic and vibrant cheer teams, music stations, and uniquely charming waist-drum teams. Runners, citizens, and other marathon enthusiasts joined Xiamen Marathon in different ways to cheer for Xiamen Marathon and the runners.

China’s first «World Athletics Elite Platinum Label» event of 2021 concluded in the warm spring of April. But runners never footsteps never cease. Let’s wait for the glory of the «20th anniversary of the Xiamen Marathon» and continue our efforts for the Xiamen Marathon together.

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