Nexturn Bio Inc. decided to invest in the development of a new drug pipeline for diabetes treatment using miRNA

SEOUL, South Korea, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nexturn Bio Inc., a subsidiary of Nexturn Bioscience Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:89140), said it…

SEOUL, South Korea, May 6, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — Nexturn Bio Inc., a subsidiary of Nexturn Bioscience Co., Ltd. (KOSDAQ:89140), said it has secured a 50% stake in RosVivo Therapeutics Inc., a U.S. new drug developer, as its first investment destination. RosVivo recently developed RSVI-301, a new drug pipeline that utilizes miRNA (MicroRNA), which is expected to be the next-generation drug, following mRNA (Messenger RNA), which has attracted attention as a Covid-19 vaccine. Unlike rare diseases or cancer, targeting chronic disease «diabetes,» seems to have positively affected Nexturn Bio’s investment.

According to data released by the WHO in April this year, the number of diabetes patients worldwide is about 420 million, which has maintained a high prevalence rate until recently. The figure of the patients proves that diabetes drugs currently developed up to the fourth generation are not as effective as expected. In fact, Liraglutide, which are known to be the most effective component of diabetes drugs ever approved by the FDA, have also reported vomiting, diarrhea, constipation and indigestion as side effects from the clinical stages. The side effect reduction of RSVI-301 is more noticeable in the table below, compiled according to the research paper provided by RosVivo. (figure 1).

Rosvivo’s new miRNA treatment RSV1-301 vs. diabetes drug on the market

Furthermore, it has been observed that RSVI-301 reduces insulin resistance by normal levels during repeated drug infusions (figure 2). With the result of being completely opposite to the existing diabetes drugs, the possibility of overcoming insulin resistance raises RSVI-301 expectations in the related industry. The low side effects and the long-term lasting effects of RSVI-301 are expected to play a major competitive role in the future diabetes market in regard to patient convenience. An official from Nexturn Bio Inc. added, «We will continue to provide generous support for RosVivo’s development of new drugs as well as to cure diabetes together.»

Insulin resistance and secretion changes after injection of the new drug miRNA



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