AB&I Invites Oakland Community’s Input On New Emission Standards Results And How To Save 100 Jobs

OAKLAND, Calif., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AB&I is asking for input from the Oakland Community about the Bay Area Air…

OAKLAND, Calif., April 12, 2021 /PRNewswire/ — AB&I is asking for input from the Oakland Community about the Bay Area Air Quality Management District’s (Air District) draft health risk assessment (HRA) report that was released on April 9, 2021.  The draft report examined emissions from AB&I’s Oakland facility.

«AB&I is inviting community input in the effort to save 100 well-paying union jobs, while complying with emissions standards that are 90% more stringent than they were as recently as 2017,» said Michael Lowe, General Manager of AB&I Foundry.

AB&I experts are reviewing the findings in the draft Health Risk Assessment (HRA) to move forward on the next steps in the Air District’s Regulation 11-18 process that calls for developing a Risk Reduction Plan (RRP). To help form the Risk Reduction Plan, AB&I is working with its Community Advisory Panel (CAP) to organize a community Zoom video conference call being held on Tuesday, May 18, 2021, from 6:00pm to 8:30 p.m. For more information about participation in the community forum call, visit www.abioakland.com.

«After the approval of our Risk Reduction Plan, the regulations allow up to five years for companies to implement the RRP and meet the new Air District emission standards. AB&I has already taken steps to reduce our emissions by announcing on March 12th that AB&I is moving molding operations to Texas in 2022.  Heartbreakingly, this entails the loss of 100 of our current 200 jobs,» said Lowe. «We are continuing to work cooperatively with the Air District by adjusting our operations to meet the tougher emission standards hopefully saving the remaining 100 jobs. Unfortunately, California’s regulations are a moving target which creates business uncertainty making it very difficult to continue long-term investments. Thus, the ongoing cooperation with the community is imperative,» said Lowe.

The Air District will also be hosting a public meeting on Friday, May 9, 2021. AB&I will be monitoring viewpoints and concerns expressed by the community on the call and will strive to address those concerns raised on AB&Is community Zoom video conference call on May 18th.

About AB&I: AB&I recycles post-consumer scrap metal, melts it down makes cast iron soil pipe and pipe fittings which are essential components of plumbing systems used in multifamily apartments, including affordable housing, and commercial buildings throughout California and the West Coast. About 70 of AB&I’s current 200 team members live in East Oakland, and they have an overall average tenure of 13 years with the company.

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